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Ark of the Covenant Discovery, part 9


The Dark Side

Ron recalled to me five people who had lost their lives at the very time they were attempting to interfere with or halt the excavation. We will not make these names public because of their families. We have a newspaper article from the front page of the Nashville Banner, telling about the death of one.  This man had stumbled upon Ron and the boys as they were coming and going from the excavation and began to ask questions.  He soon found out what was going on (at this time, Ron had already seen the Ark) and was determined that the world needed to know.  He called a press conference in which he was going to announce "a great discovery."  When Ron learned of this, he and the boys immediately changed their flight and left the night before it was scheduled.  It was to take place in a nearby alley-way that was relatively secluded.

When Ron arrived back home, he found the account on the front page of the Nashville Banner newspaper.  The man had been found dead in that alley-way, shot in the head by a single sniper's bullet just before the journalists arrived.  No further explanation was given.

I could easily write volumes on the experiences Ron has had with those who have tried to interfere with the work, as well as those who have taken it upon themselves to try to discredit him or the work with hearsay and personal opinions.  I know of two people who worked with Ron on one discovery (not this one) who both expressed to me that - bottom line - they turned on him because they simply cannot believe that he found the Ark of the Covenant.  Well, the way I look at that is - Thomas wouldn't believe Christ was really standing before him until he saw the imprint of the nails in His hands and the wound in His side - and Christ DIDN'T chastise him for this.  In fact, this very episode may have happened for the benefit of those who would come later and COULDN'T see Him, but would read of Thomas' need of proof.

It is no sin to require evidence.  Faith is not blind, as it is based on reality which is all around us.  But what was sufficient in the past is no longer sufficient to the man of today who is bombarded by so-called "scientific" evidences which the "experts" interpret to us as positive evidence that the Bible is a myth.  God in His mercy, is providing hard-core evidence of truth for a final generation, who is being taught to believe as gospel the errors of our educators and men of "higher learning."  No one should accept anyone's word on anything until they can see evidence.  However, when someone has backed up other claims with solid evidence, that is sufficient reason to consider some new discovery they may claim, but may be unable to prove at that time.  Educate yourself on the subject and withhold final judgment until solid evidence is shown "yea" or "nay".

What Happens Now?

The Ark of the Covenant and the other objects from the sanctuary are still where Ron found them, completely hidden and very well guarded by four angels. Will EVERYTHING be shown publicly? We don't know.  I know that Ron's greatest desire was to excavate the entire area, exposing the site of the crucifixion down to the chamber, but whether that will ever happen, we just don't know.  I have learned that no matter how I believe events will occur, they ALWAYS happen differently than I imagined.  Hopefully the Ark will be brought out.  We don't know if it ever will - it is deep in the earth and getting it and the other objects out at this time seems almost impossible without some Divine assistance.  Ron was of the belief that the things you have read about here will be made public soon due to other events which we have cause to believe are about to occur (which we won't mention now).  However, if it doesn't happen that soon, we certainly won't give up - nor are we SAYING that it will be that soon - only that we believe there is a strong likelihood.  We DO ask that you pray for this discovery of the ark because at this moment there are certain people, led by Satan, who are attempting to bury it even deeper in the earth than it already is.  After all, what could Satan fear more than the evidence which lies buried there?! Things will occur in God's perfect time and no one will be able to change the events which He has planned.  But perhaps we can hasten His coming by being faithful and diligent servants, finishing the work He has given us to do.

We DO believe the world will get to SEE the Ark and other objects, and that the Tables of Stone WILL be brought out. We DO believe that event is approaching quickly. To understand why we believe this, keep reading.

The Requirements of God's People

Prophecy is quickly fulfilling which is leading to the most monumental events of all time.  But it appears that the majority of those who call themselves by His Name have been blinded to the great truths which will separate the sheep from the goats. If we go back to Genesis and the story of Cain and Abel, we learn from the beginning that God accepts NO substitute or variation in what He has commanded of us.  Cain was enraged that his offering of produce from his fields was not acceptable, but God had specifically dictated the requirements of the sacrifices which were to be offered- blood sacrifices- because they were all representative of the death of His Son.  In his rage, Cain slew his own brother Abel, whose offering WAS accepted.

As we continue through the Bible, we read over and over how His professed people incorporated false worship practices in with the worship of God - practices which were NOT acceptable by God in any way, form or manner, EVEN though they may have appeared harmless to the people.  God is always VERY precise and clear in the requirements of His people.  His form of worship has never changed over the years, even though many will tell you that it has.

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