Are we surprised that the truth is rejected & unknown by the majority?

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300 pages of glossy

paper, with 565

color photos

by Dr. Lennart Moller
Features Red Sea crossing, Mt. Sinai, Sodom & Gomorrah
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Featuring the Lord's final
show-and-tell demonstration of truth for mankind,
which will be shown to the world during the
mark of the beast showdown

The official source of information
on Revealing God's Treasure


TOUR 1 - Tour to Israel & Egypt April 18-28, 2018

We will visit traditional sites in Israel, plus Gomorrah,
Zedekiah's Cave, Garden Tomb with crucifixion site
and Ark of the Covenant location, and Nuweiba Egypt
where the Red Sea crossing took place.

 Only $500 deposit holds your seat,
and is applied to the tour price of $2,873.00.


A trip of a lifetime!

We will be with fellow believers in the discoveries which is wonderful.
We will have 2 hours in gomorrah to search the city for brimstone.
Will have two hours in the Garden Tomb grounds.  Visit Zedekiah's Cave,
where the ark of the covenant was secreted through this route.
Will travel down to Eilat Israel and cross the border into Egypt for
the day there, visiting the Red Sea crossing location, and of course
visiting the traditional sites in Israel such as Caesarea, Sea of Galilee
Mt. Carmel, Tel Megiddo, Capernaum, Jordan River, Dead Sea scroll caves,
Masada, Jerusalem, etc .

more tour information here


TOUR 2 - Separate Tour to Noah's Ark

We will have a separate tour going to Noah's ark April 28 - May2.

Those who went on the Israel tour could fly over to Istanbul April 28.
Those who were not on the Israel tour could fly into
 Istanbul April 28. 

Price is $1,550.00

more tour information here

Above:  2017 tour group to Noah's ark, standing next to government erected road sign pointing to the ark.



New Book on the Discoveries!

New color book with many large photographs of the discovery sites.  Mainly a photo book, but goes into
detail in the ark of the covenant section.  8.5 x 11 inch size 152 pages, with gloss paper now.  Great for sharing and feasting
your eyes on these wonderful revelations of truth that God has brought out for us to see.  Order here.


2nd Edition Revealing God's Treasure DVD Sold Here NOW!

New added video segments, widescreen and higher resolution

Order a box of 10 DVDs, $109.00, and receive a free Journey Back to Noah's Ark DVD,
and 10 Ark Discovery Digest magazines, 8.5 x 11, heavy gloss paper and covers all five discoveries.

Support our DVD Production, purchase here
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New 2nd Edition of Revealing God's Treasure
with added video segments and higher resolution


We are privileged to have a sneak preview of the discoveries

Designed by the Lord to finish the gospel work

look at the evidence for yourself and you will see the truth.

Your donations are appreciated for research and promotion
of the discoveries


Invite Kevin Fisher to present this material at your church.
No fee is charged.  Mr. Fisher has a first-hand report after visiting the discovery sites.


Latest News at Ark Discovery:



We have the discoveries videos in Mandarin for our Chinese friends
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2 Tours:   One to Israel, Egypt and other to Noah's Ark April 2018



Watch our drone video from Noah's Ark October 2017:


Our Email update November 2017:

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Above:  Ark of the Covenant on Shabbat Night Live with Kevin Fisher



Above:  Red Sea Crossing & Mt. Sinai on Shabbat Night Live with Kevin Fisher



Michael Rood and Shabbat Night Live have hosted Kevin Fisher
who presented the discoveries in four programs.  June 7, 16, 23, 30
You may watch replays on YouTube:

Ron Wyatt/Sodom & Gomorrah:
Red Sea Crossing/Mt Sinai:
Ark of Covenant:
Noah's Ark:


New book out on the discoveries, full color, gloss paper, 8.5 x 11 size
You can order it here


We have exclusive video of gold detection at the ark of the covenant that
confirms IT IS REALLY THERE.  The video has not been made public, but we
can show it at your church.


Tour to Israel and Noah's Ark, Sept. 2017.  See links at top of page.


We are working on a DVD covering trips to Israel and Egypt


We have a new 2nd Edition of our DVD Revealing God's Treasure
See our store


See photos from our visit to The Ark Encounter, a life size Noah's ark
July 7, 2016


See our latest newsletter update June 2016
______________________________________________ continues to work on part II of its
documentary series which will confirm the Red Sea crossing site and Mt. Sinai
that the late Ron Wyatt found and that we feature here.


New high resolution, digital, resistivity scans have been done at Noah's ark.
See and scroll down the page to see the images.
They agree with scans done by Ron Wyatt in 1985.


Joseph was Imhotep of Egypt who built the step pyramid and had grain storage nearby.
Mentioned by Dr. Ben Carson


See our latest newsletter update for November 2015


New DVD available titled Journey Back to Noah's Ark.
This 61 minute video disc shares highlights from our two trips out to Noah's ark since
we produced Revealing God's Treasure.  61 minutes in length, 16:9 format.

See more info


New App available that features the discoveries called What is Truth?
See video here:
Please support it by purchasing the app for $2.99
We did not develop it but a friend spent thousands of $ to promote the discoveries.
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Magazine, 8 pages but covers the five major discoveries
100 magazines for $48.00,  full color, gloss paper

Available NOW

For the price of a postage stamp you can share these discoveries with friends


We are working on an Ark Discovery Digest Book that will be 200 pages or so,
free to download when finished.  Stay tuned....


Testimony from eyewitness who viewed a video from the
Ark of the Covenant chamber, shot by Ron Wyatt


See which has been in production
for 12 years on the exodus of the children of Israel.  Part 2 will
be on the Red Sea crossing and Jebel el Lawz (Mt. Sinai).
The film is currently being shown at film festivals across the USA.


NOAH Movie Review by Jim Pinkoski who was a friend of Ron's


Flyer you can print and hand out in your area


Reasons to believe Ron Wyatt DID find the Ark of the Covenant


The Israel Antiquities Authority confirms that Ron Wyatt found
chambers during his excavation in the Garden Tomb grounds.


Henry Gruver saw the lab report on Jesus' blood,
and a professional document analyst verified its


The Garden Tomb Society prints a book with quotes from
General Gordon who discovered skull hill or Golgotha in 1880,
which quotes him as saying the ark of the covenant was hidden there.


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Read Ron Wyatt's Testimony


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Some photos from recent presentations


-See some new photos in our Noah's Ark and
 Sodom & Gomorrah topics


Recent False discovery of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat:

E-Newsletter Number 1 with trip updates

Ark Discovery visits Noah's Ark site Sept. 2009, see update above

Ark Discovery Team visits Egypt and Israel in February 2009, see update above

Video projects are under construction. 

(We need your prayers for these important projects.)




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The forces of darkness are threatened by these discoveries

and are influencing men to reject what God has done.

We cannot expect this dark world to embrace God's material.


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since these are awesome preachers for the Lord



Comment about the baseless critics:

"I studied both of the [negative] sites you sent me regarding Ron Wyatt and his findings. Several things bother me: First, it was difficult for me to parse the criticisms of the actual archaeology as opposed to criticisms of the person and/or his associates. The words shyster and fraud appear numerous times. Yet at the same time I sense a kind of intellectual snobbery oozing from the pages. It seems evident that criticism regarding official credentials takes precedence over the substance of any actual discoveries. I find it curiously bothersome that neither site gives Ron any credit for anything positive whatsoever. That indicates to me that an ulterior agenda is at work. Something which Ron represents is apparently offensive, therefore the baby must be thrown out with the bathwater. They appear to have the attitude that he is a boil on the butt of legitimate archaeology. Further, broad sweeping generalizations are made about non-credentialed “diggers.”  I think that is irresponsible ad hominem and snobbery.

"The pictures of Sodom and Gomorrah, Mount Sinai and underwater wheels and axels are by themselves an amazing revelation to me. Ron’s explanation of the details using numerous biblical references also impressed me as probably accurate. I find it particularly disturbing that the AIG site failed to comment with any substance on these things. Instead, extensive efforts seemed directed at discrediting the so-called Noah’s Ark find and thereby discrediting Ron personally as well as anything else he may have found.

"Finally, I find it extremely curious that the Tentmaker site would comment with such distain on Ron’s claims to have found blood cells which contained only 24 chromosomes. “That’s impossible”, says the author. Really? Just stop and think—a virgin birth is also impossible, resurrection is impossible, as are numerous other occurrences given in the Bible. Maybe that is the point! To me, the author ends up sounding like a pagan non-believer, even an atheist.

"It’s curious that Jesus picked a bunch of un-credentialed uneducated men belonging to the lower class working stiffs (fishermen) to spread the word about a radically different revelation of God. I’m sure the elitist Pharisees and Sadducees had no end of ridicule for them. I also find it instructive to recall numerous examples in scripture where God arranged circumstances where part of an audience saw or heard something significant while others saw or heard nothing unusual. The account of Saul/Paul being struck down on the road to Damascus is just one example. He heard the voice of Christ and perhaps a few others did also, yet other people heard something else, perhaps something easily explained as “natural” (Acts 22:9).

"I have no reason to defend or support the personage or heritage of Ron Wyatt. My interest is in the findings, not the person. When I see the kind of unbalanced criticisms referenced, it leads me to wonder what is really going on behind the scenes. My suspicion is that Ron was a very devoted believer who made several important discoveries supporting biblical history.  Mental illness?--I got no flavor of that on the 4 hour twenty minute DVD, but that does not completely rule it out of course. I do not think it serves the Christian community well for members to be so publicly maligning of Ron’s motives, character and mental health. What may appear to some as fraud, deceit, delusions or even hallucinations may not in fact be that at all. The apparent rancor seems to me more consistent with fragile egos and prideful traditions vying for recognition rather than diligent consideration using Christian principles of charity, etc."          Dale




Above:  Michael Rood 22 min. video endorsing Ron Wyatt
Michael Rood on Ron Wyatt from  Vimeo.



NEW!  Watch new videos using your high speed connection.
Home videos of Ron Wyatt's tours and presentations needed, contact us.

Hosting 41,000 unique visitors and 1,380,000 hits per month.


DVD above is available in our Store



The Critics

The critics have attacked the discoveries and/or Ron Wyatt for various reasons.  Some do not have the faith to believe that God can perform miracles in these last days.  Others do not believe that Ron Wyatt is telling the truth, (although we do not rely on his word alone because we have seen the evidence for ourselves, except the Ark of the Covenant.)  Other critics are inwardly jealous that one man could find all these discoveries, but they are not considering that God was the source behind the work.  But can we expect the world to believe what God is doing to prepare a show-and-tell demonstration for mankind at the end of time?  Satan is at work to counteract that which God is doing, but we know God's purpose will be done in spite of what the arch-deceiver is doing.  Friend, please look at the evidence and do not listen to the untruths that have been passed along in an un-Christian manner over the Internet which are designed to attack God's work.  The evidence is real and will allow one to decide for themselves if the discoveries are from God or Satan.  We don't have to wait for a scientific community to tell us what is genuine, as they did not believe in the ark before the Flood, and they still do not believe in it today.

"Do not believe any of these discoveries, they are nothing but lies!"  Satan

It is amazing that some Christians are on the side of Atheists,
attacking this wonderful material.  Darkness wins.


Donate to our on-going work on the discoveries.
Funds go toward further research, fieldwork and promotion of God's Treasure.


Hello Friends: 

Here near the end of time God is providing evidence to validate the authenticity of the Bible.  Most of the world today does not believe in the Bible or Jesus.  Before Jesus returns to take His faithful home with Him, everyone on earth will take a stand for or against Him in the way they worship.  These biblical, archaeological evidences of God's love and truth will play a major role in displaying for the last time, God's true form of worship.  The mark of the beast will be presented, a false form and a true form of worship will be placed before mankind, and only those who follow Jesus and His commandments will be saved. 

Kevin Fisher



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