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In Defense of Ron Wyatt


    As of late, there have been critics claiming that Ron Wyatt is a liar, cheat, charlatan, and at best an honest deluded man who is hallucinating, or fabricating evidence. Many in the scientific community have joined the tour-de-force reporting [supposed] gross errors in his research findings and methods. This resistance to his witness maybe the greatest evidence there is as to who has been behind Ron's work and who is against it. The things he has uncovered is the most damaging evidence possible against the enemy and his lies. It would seem most logical that he would do his best to discredit Ron's findings, for they blow the enemy's cover completely.

    It is not the intent of this defense to take each of these accusations and try to disprove them. Rather, we would appeal to the reader to consider some of the supernatural events that guided and steered Ron in all his undertakings. His starting point was always the Bible first and what it said. The next criteria was an inspired book called Patriarchs and Prophets written by a true servant of the Lord. Everything that Ron discovered, he was led to by unseen hands. It matters not what his detractors say or the evidence they present to discredit Ron's work. It will do them no good, for if divine providence was leading Ron, which appears to be the case, they are fighting against God Himself and will be held accountable for hindering His cause. The truth is going to be self-evident very soon. Ron passed away on August 4, 1999. Before he died he asked the Lord to take him if his being present would in any way hinder the dispersion of what he was led to discover. All who knew him with one accord say that he was the most humble of men, never taking any credit for what he had done, always giving God the credit. He had a single focus, that of following where God led him. His burning desire was to reach out and share with people to bring them to a knowledge of God.

    There is more than enough evidence in his findings to convince anyone who wants to believe. As he so often said, God has uncovered every major event in history that proves God and the Bible are the truth, and this in preparation for earth's final conflict with the powers of darkness where millions are in the valley of decision not knowing what is truth.

The following is a list of the three most noteworthy of several supernatural events that played a part in Ron uncovering the things he found. Events over which he had no control, and which indicate divine intervention and help.

    1) Noah's Ark--The major supernatural event connected with this finding was an earthquake that occurred just around the site. This dropped off the earth around the outside, exposing the framework. It also opened up a crack right down the middle allowing them to sound into the cavity and find more evidence that it was a manmade structure.

    2) Sodom-Gomorrah--Beyond Ron's impression (many of which came from the Lord) that the area which he had passed many times was Sodom, they knew they needed more evidence to prove it to people. The very night they hiked into the area looking for evidence, it rained in this place that gets only 1/4 inch of rain each year. This rain washed the rocks and the ash away which permeates the area, exposing millions of sulfur balls which is the biblical brimstone, and which God used to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

    3) Ark of the Covenant--Ron was walking outside the North wall of the city of Jerusalem with the director of antiquities discussing Roman artifacts. Suddenly his arm went up and his finger pointed to the Calvary escarpment. Our of his mouth came words that he did not speak. They were, "That's Jeremiah's Grotto. The Ark of the Covenant is in there." This startled Ron for he felt goose bumps go up and down his back. He knew that either God or the enemy had done this, which one he did not know. His friend the director said, "That's wonderful. We will provide you with a place to stay, food, and do your laundry for you." Ron declined because he had never even entertained the idea of looking for the Ark. He went home and studied it out from Scripture. He found out that it was possible.  He came back the next year and started digging. He dug for several years until 1982, when he finally found it.

    The culmination of this search is what you will read below in the one of his last public talks, that Ron gave in January of 1999. What he reveals in this talk is the most astounding information one could hope to hear, and is the greatest evidence possible of heavenly leadings.

    There were many other supernatural leadings that he experienced over the years. Below you will read how closely heavenly agencies were working with Ron. Thus it was in all his undertakings from 1975, until his death in August of 1999. How dare any human accuse and attack him and his work when God so clearly showed that He was with Ron all the way. The difference between this humble man and his pompous prideful detractors is self evident and another indication of who is behind his accusers.


    Before moving on to one of Ron's last public meeting, this writer would like to interject a few thoughts that came to him as he watched and listened to what Ron said at this meeting.
    I was struck with the idea about the Ark being hidden for 2600 years, and protected by God in the chamber below the cross where Jesus died. Two thoughts came to me. The first thought is that out of the billions of people who lived and died during that time, and all the billions who are alive today, one man, and only one man was chosen by God to uncover these most important discoveries of all time.

    The first thought that I had in relationship to Ron's comments about how in the Father's eyes the most sacred place on this planet, if not in the universe, has to be the chamber where the Ark is hidden, for ONLY HERE can be found the actual physical evidence of the blood of His Son, shed for fallen mankind on Calvary, still resting on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

    How awesome to think that after six thousand years the Lord is now bringing this proof to the eyes of an unbelieving world through the humble efforts of Ron. Out of billions of people, only Ron was chosen to bring into the light this proof that His Son did die on a cross on Golgotha and did shed His blood to save mankind. What does this say about Ron? Namely that the God who never makes a mistake, unmistakably put His stamp of approval on this humble man. Ron was truly a trusted servant of the Lord who has kept the faith, finished the course cut out for him by the Lord, and run the race. How about us?

    The second thought I had is what this tells us about the time we are living in. The fullness of time has actually come for God to reveal one of His best kept secrets to the World. There now can be no question that we are living in the last seconds of this earth. God has set the stage for the last act of the Redemption drama. The curtain is about to rise. His Son Jesus is going to engage the enemy and finish the last battle of the great controversy which began when Lucifer first rebelled in heaven and which has raged here on earth since Satan and his rebel angels were cast out of heaven. Now He is getting ready to come and end this massive conflict which has cost trillions of earth's people their souls. What an awesome time to live. What a chance for us. Think of it. We are the only generation in 6,000 years that will have the privilege of watching this controversy end and see Jesus come in the clouds of glory.

    In 2000 years the movement of the Holy Spirit in dreams, visions and supernatural movings has never been so extensive as in the last 150 years. The Spirit of Prophecy was promised to God's last people on earth. This happened in the person of Ellen White who wrote for over 60 years. Never did God's Spirit since Christ's time, move so strongly on a humble servant as it did on Ellen.  The Holy Spirit has been moving powerfully in these last days, as demonstrated in the life of Ron Wyatt.  There is only one thing that counts to any human being today, that is preparation for what is ahead, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

    None need be in doubt. Through God's Spirit none need fear what is ahead. He will take care of His own regardless of what happens in the world.

    There are two groups of believers in the world today. One group constitutes millions of believers. These will be laid to rest in the near future. The other group mentioned by John in Revelation as the 144,000 will be a very small remnant who will live through the time of trouble without tasting death. Now it makes no difference to which group you belong, for it is God who decides which group we belong to. The one group, the 144,000, is His Bride. The other is the wedding party who accompanies the Bride and Groom to the New Jerusalem. The bottom line is that if faithful, we will all walk the streets of heaven for eternity and travel to worlds unknown. The Bible says that "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him." We all need to prepare and make sure we are on God's side and among the faithful as we face a time of trouble such as has never been seen since there was a nation.

                                       Humbly submitted: Devon Grey




    The following is a transcription of Ron's last public meeting held in a small home church. It shows perhaps better than any other of his presentations, his humility and the tenor of his feelings and emphasis before he was laid to rest. It could be considered his last spiritual will and testament bequeathed to the world, the capstone of his God-given mission to mankind.
This text has been edited to correct grammatical errors and make better sentence sense. In no case has the intent of the speaker been altered to take away or detract from the contents of the message..


    1) The chamber where the Ark is contained is God's Most Holy Place of His Temple on this earth, and the Mercy Seat of the Ark, because that is where His Son's blood is.

    2) That the chamber under the site of the cross hole is holy ground.

    3) That the ten commandment tables of stone will be seen by the world when it is time.
Ron started by reading a quote from The Great Controversy:


Ron Wyatt's Talk - January 9, 1999


    "...Others are defended by angels in the form of men of war. So God will take care of His people." Now there are some other statements in here about our getting ready. It says that the faces of all of the believers will be very pale, and they will be concerned. Not that their lives may be taken by their enemies, but that everything is made right with God. Folks, make everything right with God now. Then it won't be such a strain on us at that point in time. I am sure that it is going to be a trying situation, but God is able to keep us during that time.


    And another thought I would like to share with you. There will be some of us who will be martyrs at the end. But rest assured that God will not allow that to happen, except that at least one soul be saved who would be lost if our lives were not given. We will be saved as a result--at least one, maybe more. And God is quite willing to resurrect us, He is able to give us whatever it takes to endure the experience. Nobody that knows what they are talking about, would say that they would volunteer to be a martyr because they can handle it. Nobody can handle it. Just pray and ask God to give you the faith and whatever it takes to do or to cooperate with Him in what He wants to do in and through us when He finishes His work.


    The next thought in Great Controversy says the Saviour's joy is in the scene in the Kingdom of Glory as the souls that have been saved by His agony and humiliation, and the redeemed will be sharers of His joy, and as they behold among the blessed those who have been won to Christ through their prayers, their labors, and their loving sacrifice. "As they gather about the great white throne, gladness unspeakable will fill their hearts, when they behold those who they have won for Christ and see that one has gained others, and these still others, all brought into the heaven of rest, there to lay their crown at Jesus' feet and praise Him through the endless cycles of eternity." This is the reward and joy of Christ Himself, of the Father and those of us who are working in the vineyard of the Lord to see that God has actually been able to use us, we sinful creatures though we are, to help influence others to come to Him, to be saved in the name and blood of His Son.


    Now I would like to make a comment, I don't often do this. It is my understanding that when we pray, that it is proper to do it in a proper manner. I hear many people say a prayer, and they will address it to Jesus, or they may even address it to the Father. But at the end they say-"In Thy Name." Now I am sure there is no bad intentions, but in order for the communication to be made in the proper order, we address our prayers to the Father, and we ask it in the Name of Jesus. We all need to try to remember this. I find myself doing the same thing. That is why I feel you should know, in order to share it with other folks, because these things need to be done right.


    Now this group here, most of you at least are familiar with the fact that no human being has immortality, the Bible speaks in terms that God alone has immortality. We need to remember that there are those among us preaching a new gospel that is not the gospel of Christ, it is the doctrine of demons--that you cannot be perfect, you cannot become perfect, and God does not expect that of you. We can and must become perfect, through the power of God and the indwelling of His Holy Spirit, and He does expect it of us. The Bible says "Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."


    Now, go back to Genesis chapter 1 verse 26. It says. "God said let us make man in our image, and after our likeness." If you read on through the next few chapters we find, it says, "God created man male and female, created He them." Adam and Eve resembled God in stature and they resembled Him in character, and they were given access to the fruit of the Tree of Life. The Bible quotes God as saying to Adam, "Of all of the fruit of the trees in the garden, thou mayest freely eat, but of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, thou shalt not eat, for in the day you eat thereof you shall surely die." Adam and Eve had eaten of the fruit of the Tree of Life (and did not immediately die). Sister White says that Satan mentioned that to Eve, "how can you die, you have eaten of the Tree of Life." Our access to eternal life in eternity will come through our access to the fruit of the Tree of Life, this is what God has provided. And that is the purpose for which God has provided it. After sin when Adam and Eve no longer had access to the tree, they began to die.


    There are two types of days in the Bible, there is the 24 hour day, which took six of those to create the world. Evening and morning is the way it is expressed in Hebrew and Greek. But then there is another day, and that is the Day of the Lord. We are told it is equal to a 1000 years. And so that we won't misunderstand, it says "that a day is unto the Lord as thousand years, and a thousand years as a day." The point is that Adam did not live a 1000 years, he died at 939 years, so that by God's reckoning, the day Adam ate the fruit he did die. That death would have been eternal had not Christ offered Himself to take our place.


    Soon when we get to heaven, we will have access to the Tree of Life, but only if we have cooperated with God to the extent that we perfectly reflect His character, as we did when our kind was first created. Revelation 22:14 says, "Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they might have a right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." So folks, lets don't kid ourselves, and let's share this knowledge with others. That the only way we are going to be able to access the fruit of the Tree of Life, and again have hope of eternal life, is by allowing God to work in and through us to accomplish His purpose.


    Now we have a video for you here, God has brought many things out of His storehouse, out of His treasurer house, things new and old. And they are designed by Him to have an effect on the minds and hearts of those who see these things. You know and I know, that there is nobody on this earth that is clever enough to find all of these things that God has brought forth. Nobody is that clever. There is something that He wants everyone to know about, to see, to increase our faith for the time that is ahead of us, and so that when we speak to others about the plan of salvation, that we can speak as one having authority. When Christ talked, everybody was surprised because of the tone of voice He used. It says, "That He spake as one having authority." If you know your God, if we know our God, we can speak with the same type of certainty that He did. And it makes a difference in the effect that it has on the hearers.
I had a fellow out in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, bless his heart, he was an Adventist, he was a surgeon, he was a pediatric neuro-vascular surgeon. There are about eight of those, I believe, in this country practicing at this time, and I had been told by the pastor that this fellow at some point in the program would challenge it in some way or the other. We had shown the video, and were answering the questions, when he stood up and said, "Mr. Wyatt you have wasted two hours of our precious time this afternoon. We all believe in Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea and all this stuff. We know it, we have known it and believed it since we were children. So, who needs it?" I said, "Sir, I understand that you are a pediatric neuro-vascular surgeon, is that right?" He said "yes, that is right." He stood up on the balls of his feet, obviously impressed with himself. I was impressed too, for that is not easy work. I maintain, however, that you can train a Orangutan to do almost everything that any human being can be trained to do. There may be limits on that, but there are not many. But anyway, I said, "Sir, when you go into a hospital room where children are injured or genetically flawed." I said that, "the day that you can, instead of writing orders to prepare them for surgery, lay your hand on them and in the name of the Lord, ask that the Father heal them and He does." I said, "then you come to me and tell me you don't need this stuff, and I will listen." Well, I didn't know what his response was going to be. But he dropped his head, and said, "I'm sorry you are absolutely right."


    God doesn't give us anything we don't need, people. And we don't have any idea of the tests that will come to each and every one of us individually. We won't have a crowd there to support us most likely. It is going to be a personal thing. And only God knows how to prepare us for that time, and how to sustain us through it. So we need to share everything that He has for us. We need to share it with our families and our loved ones, and everybody else that we can get to hold still long enough to listen and see. Because, dear friends, their eternal life is on the line, and don't kid yourself, ours is on the line too. Because anything we have that we don't share, and keep sharing and keep fresh in our minds and hearts, we lose it and it goes away and we forget all about it.

    I would not have believed this, but I had a younger brother, he was a colporteur. And he had some experiences that were mind-boggling. One day, he was going up to a house, and this big ferocious police dog came running across the lawn, and sprang at his throat. In mid-air something hit that police dog, instead of landing on him, it went flying off to the side. But later on he joined the Navy and got to drinking and everything. In talking with him you could see this was not the same individual at all. But I am delighted that God did bring some experiences back into his life, and he is now sleeping in the grave. I believe that he will be raised with the saved, because he did come back to know God. But that does not always happen, folks, we cannot risk these things.

    About the video we will show now. You will first see a brief introduction to Egyptian history, to acquaint you with why Moses was told of God to tell the Egyptians and the Children of Israel, that the I AM had sent him to them. The next thing you will see briefly is how how pyramids were built. Now I have had people ask what has that to do with anything. How is that going to save anybody? As a matter of fact, my friend who runs the museum felt the same way. When we put up a display in the museum on how the pyramids were built, he wanted it to be real small and off in the corner somewhere, where it wouldn't take up much room. But I insisted, and we made a nice one, so that people could see it and understand what was going on.

    The other day I was over there at the request of my friend. When people come to visit and they want to ask me a few questions, if I am home I will go over. I went this day and these people were asking questions. After the questions, he told me what his attitude had been about the display, how he thought it was a waste of room in the museum. But he admitted that now people come in to see this display, and you can tell they don't believe anything that is advertised on the front. They are just there for what purpose that they themselves really don't know. He said he noticed how the pyramid building display catches their eye, how they will go and look it over, and then will go through the rest of the museum and be blessed by the whole thing. God does not share anything with us, that He doesn't intend to use as a blessing. People will come to our meetings in other countries and other places, to see how the pyramids were built. They fully intend to leave when they have seen that, but when they see that Joseph built the brick pyramid and he is a Bible character, and see that this is real science and archaeology, and not some salubrious, soliloquy, superfluous, solicitude. Lots of these people are so-called religious people, and God speaks to their heart.

    These are some of the things you will see on the video. You will also see about Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant.
Afterwards we will talk with you for a few minutes about the Ark of the Covenant, and the blood of Christ on the Mercy Seat. And we will give you a chance to ask some questions. So if my friend will be so kind as to fire the projector up we will get started.

[Video is shown]


    Now I would like to just share a few thoughts with you quickly, about the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant is the earthly Throne of God. The reason that God told Moses to build the Sanctuary, was for the purpose that God could dwell among His people. So He told Moses, "Build Me a Sanctuary that I may dwell among you." So the entire purpose of the Sanctuary was to be a dwelling place for God's Spirit. The Ark of the Covenant in that Sanctuary was the focal point and was a copy of the Heavenly Throne of God. We need to have this firmly fixed in our mind when we consider what I am going to share with you.


    Now the Bible in the Old Testament predicts everything of importance, okay? Amos 3:7, "Surely the Lord God will do nothing except He reveal His secrets through His servants the prophets." The most important thing that has ever happened on this earth, the heart and soul of the plan of salvation, is that the fact that Christ died, that we might have eternal life, that we might be rescued from the sentence of certain death. The [only] proof [hard physical evidence in existence today] is His blood on the earthly Throne of God [the Mercy Seat on the Ark]. So we can expect that would be predicted in the Old Testament can't we?

    The Bible tells us that all of the blood sacrifice system were types and shadows, leading us to Christ. They were the prophetic activities, that everyone in those days participated in, like the blood sacrifices, and were supposed to know what they meant. But like so many people today, they had lost sight of what they meant or pointed forward to.

    The Bible talks about people today "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof." Like their ancient counterpart, they are totally unfamiliar with what religion or an experience with the Lord is all about.


    There is this specific prophecy, and that is found in Daniel 9:24. That little verse spans a great deal of time, 490 years. It says "70 weeks are determined upon thy people." It says that at the end of that time, everything basically will have been accomplished, and an end was to be made to sin, the sacrifice and oblation was to be made to cease. And, it says to "anoint the Most Holy."

    Now we know what anointing means. It has to do with some kind of oil which may have some sort of perfume in it. It was used to anoint people for different purposes, like the office of prophet, or anointing a king over Israel. The Lord told Elijah to anoint Hazael to be king of Assyria, and he wept when he anointed him (2 Kings 5:12), because he knew what horrible things he was going to do to the Israelites.

    Daniel says that at the end of the 70 weeks, the Most Holy would be anointed. I haven't heard many sermons recently on this subject, and those that I have heard indicated that this had something to do with the baptism of Christ, and His anointing by the Holy Spirit coming down in the form of a Dove. The Bible says that He was to be anointed with the joy of gladness, more than His fellows. The Dove or the Holy Spirit did descend upon Him, at the occasion of his baptism in the form of the Dove. For those who resist the idea that there are three that make up the Godhead, it is interesting to note that this is one point in the Bible where it records the presence of all three of the Godhead in the same place at the same time. God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christ is one of the three Most Holy, but He is not the Most Holy.


    The Bible refers to the Mercy Seat on the Ark of the Covenant as being the Most Holy. The reason the Most Holy Place or compartment was called that, was because the Ark with the Mercy Seat was there. It means the place of the Most Holy or the Most Holy Place. What Daniel was saying is that the blood of Jesus would be placed upon the Mercy Seat, at the end of those 70 weeks or near the end of those 70 weeks.


    Next let us find in the New Testament where these prophecies have been fulfilled. Are there statements in the New Testament that tell us that the blood of Jesus actually went on the Mercy Seat? And the answer to that is-yes. 1 John 5:6-9 says: "This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood." It is important and it is stated in a manner that we are to understand it clearly--that Christ came by water and blood, and then it makes us aware in verse 7 that there are three that keep a record of everything that goes on planet earth. "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." Now it is that verse that some translators scratched off of the Textus Receptus. But it was found again in an older manuscript that was in the keeping of the Waldensian Christians. It was not as some people would like us to believe, something that was just stuck in the Bible for no good reason.


    When somebody tells you that there is only one God and not three that make up the Godhead, they don't know what they are talking about. There is one God in purpose, intent, power and all of these things. But Scripture says that they are three separate beings. If you need a Scripture to share that idea with people, you will find it in the gospel of John chapter 17, where He prays to His Father for His disciples to, "make them one, even as You and I are One."

    Now God does not intend for us to become just one big blob of flesh down here, for we are separate individuals. But we can become one as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, because our purposes are the same. We show God gratitude for what He has done for us, by cooperating with Him in the saving of lost souls.

    This is where we get the information that there is a record kept in heaven of all the things that take place here. If we have not gone to the Father in the Name and Blood of the Son now, we will meet that record in the day of judgment. But any time we make mistakes and ask that those sins be blotted out in the Name and Blood of Jesus, our sins will have gone before us to judgment the Bible says, and our names will be in the Book of Life, but if we have any sins in that record that have not been forgiven and blotted out, then our names will be removed from the pages of the Book of Life. So we want to make sure that there are no un-forgiven sins, and we need to do all that we can to make wrongs right before we ask God to forgive, it is quite important.


    It says in 1 John 5:8: "And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one." We know the the Spirit is the Holy Spirit. The water is the dried serum, and the blood is the dried platelets of the Son of God on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant in the earth. These three are now bearing witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water and the blood, and these three are one.

    If a person shares this concept with people in a careless non-caring manner, it is worthless, it is of no value. In fact it can do damage. But if it is presented to someone through the power and persuasiveness of the Holy Spirit, that Christ shed His blood for us, that is a different matter. This is explained in verse 9 of that chapter. It says, "If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son." We have all seen trials. A witness is somebody that has information or claims to have information. And what they say becomes testimony. That is their testimony in a trial. It becomes evidence or proof. What this verse is saying to us when we translate it into present day English, is that God the Father is the witness, and His proof to us that His Son died for us, is the dried blood and serum of His Son on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.


    There is another verse in 1 Timothy 2:5-6 that says: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time." In other words, the proof will be given in due time. Now there are some verses of Scripture that help us understand what is being talked about here when it says "due time." In Ephesians it says, "In the dispensation of the fullness of time, God subdued all things unto Himself in Christ Jesus." In Matthew it says, "When the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son."

    So God has everything on a time schedule friends, and when the time is right, when the fullness of the time has come, then the Tables of Stone that God wrote His law upon, the same law that He spoke from the Mountain top amidst smoke and fire, and earthquakes and all of that will be presented once again to this world, and everyone will be allowed to see it, especially those who are interested in what is right and what is wrong, and in doing the will of God. At that time, the blood of Christ on the Mercy Seat on the Ark of the Covenant will be shown to the world on video, and the tables of stone you will be able to see for yourself if you wish.


    Now there is another Scripture, and this is in Revelation 1:10. In the book of Revelation John says, "I was in the spirit on the Lord's day." That was Sunday, wasn't it? No, it was the Sabbath, Mark 2:27-28, the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath day. Exodus 20 says that the "Seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God." So when John was in the spirit on the Lord's day, he was in the spirit on the Sabbath.


    Now, as you read through the book of Revelation you will find that thirty-one times John made the statement, "I saw." And the things he saw took place around the throne of God in the Temple of God in Heaven. He saw the Lamb as though it were slain, open the seven seals. He said, "I saw the four beasts around the throne of God, I saw the four and twenty elders around the throne of God, I saw the seven angels holding seven vials containing the seven last plagues." Thirty-one times he said "I saw." But in Revelation 11:19 he says something else. He says that "the Temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail." The Ark of His Testament dear friends, was His earthly throne. The one that the blood of His Son is upon, because that is His testament. The Ark of His Testament was seen in His temple. The Ark of His Testament, which is stated in 1 John 5:8-9, is the one that has the blood of His Son upon it. That is His proof [the only indisputable, hard, physical evidence] to this world that His Son died on our behalf. And it says that it was seen [or is found] in His Temple.


    Now you will get to see this on video [when it is time]. The chamber where I found the Ark of the Covenant, has since been perfectly cleaned out. And the Ark of the Covenant, the Table of Shewbread, the Candlestick, the Golden Altar of Incense, are now all set out as they were in the earthly temple, except that the Ark of the Covenant is setting against a 12' wide 8' high wall. And that wall is of beautiful crystal, radiating the colors of the rainbow. It is permanent arrangement folks, it is something that the 144,000 will get to see for themselves. The reference for that is in, I believe, Early Writings or Life Sketches of E.G. White. She speaks of this place that only the 144,000 can enter, and I believe that is that chamber. [This may only be Ron's surmizings and not fact. Time will tell!]


    God's earthly Temple then is this chamber. In ancient times the Jews began to turn from worshipping God to worshipping the Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, and everything but the God of that Temple and His Throne on earth--the Ark of the Covenant. So [600 years before Christ] He moved His Most Holy Place into the earth, in this cave chamber. Ezekiel 44:13 says: "And they shall not come near unto me, to do the office of a priest unto me, nor to come near to any of my holy things, in the most holy place: but they shall bear their shame and their abominations which they have committed." Instead, the Lord said that they would offer the blood and the fat at his table (verse 15). It describes this table [altar] and its dimensions [Eze. 41:22]. And it said that this shall be called the Table of the Lord. This then was what was in the second Temple in place of the Ark of the Covenant, which was never put in the second Temple because God had hidden it. On Titus' arch in Rome, that altar is shown being carried into the city of Rome, along with the candlesticks, but the Ark is not pictured.


    Now in Ezra, it makes the statement that many of the priests and the ancient men who had seen the former house, wept when they saw the foundation of the next temple that was to be built. It should be remembered that those priests who came back from the captivity served in the former Temple. They knew what the Table of Shewbread looked like, they knew what the golden Altar of Incense looked like, and they knew what the Candlesticks looked like and made copies or replicas. These were in the Second Temple.

    But as far as the Ark of the Covenant, there was no one there that knew what the Ark of the Covenant looked like, for the High Priests had died. God had moved His earthly Throne into this chamber, and hid it from the eyes of man, for many many years, from 586 B.C. until the present time, until 1982, when He allowed me to find it. It was all covered up until He was ready for it to be revealed [the fullness of time has come. The stage is set for its being unveiled and shown to the world via video]. The Ark of His Testament will be shown to the entire world, resting in His earthly Temple in the chamber. The blood of His Son on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant [which came through the crack in the rock at the base of the cross] will also be seen by the world.

    The mechanics of how that happened is clearly described in Matthew 27:50-53. It says: "When he had cried again he died. And the earth shook, and the rocks were rent." It also says "The veil of the Temple was rent in twain from top to bottom, then the earth shook and the rocks were rent, and the graves were opened." When the rocks rent, the cliff behind where Christ was being crucified split all the way down, right past the left side of the cross hole, and down into the chamber where God had hidden the Ark of the Covenant, some 600 years before.

    When the Centurions spear pierced Christ's spleen, and probably the left ventricle of the heart, depending on how deep the thrust went. The blood, platelets, and serum gushed out and went down through that crack onto the Ark of the covenant 20' below. This event fulfilled and ratified the Old and New Covenant. At that moment you and I were bought with a price, as was everyone else on this planet, if they will only take advantage of what was done for them. What Christ did was enough to redeem every man, woman and child that has ever been born on planet earth. The tragedy is that so few avail themselves of that wonderful gift.


    Now, the next morning Matthew 28:2 says, "The angel descended to roll back the stone and there was a great earthquake." I believe that God closed the crack at that point in time, because there is no evidence of any surface water, rain or dust or anything else having fallen through that crack other than the blood of Jesus. And there it has remained for two thousand years. But remember that the Ark was sitting there 600 years before the blood actually dropped on it. That we share with you today. God shares with you today, because He wants you to know what He has done on behalf of all of us.


    And now He is preparing a people to give that last message. Soon There will be more terrible things happen on this earth, than are happening now. And people will say, that the reason all this is happening is because we are not serving God. And they will say as the Pope said in 1995, we need a set of laws, religious laws that everyone has to keep in order that these terrible things end.

    There is a story in 2 Kings 17:25-31 that describes how the people were brought out of different countries, and the Assyrian kingdom, and were placed in the cities of Samaria. The Lord sent lions to attack and kill them. To stop these lions from coming in and killing all of them, they were told that the god of this area had to be worshiped in a certain manner. There was a great fear of the god of this area. And so it makes the statement, it says, "They feared god, and made their children pass through the fire to Adrammelech (Molech)." And it said "they feared god." They made the vilest among them priests, and all of this sort of thing. Interestingly, it doesn't say that the lions bothered them any more. I don't really understand what was going on there, but I guess they at least acknowledged the sovereignty of the God of that area which was the God of the Jews.


    In like manner the people of this earth are going to say that we need to serve God, so that he will quit sending all these pestilences, wars and whatever among us, and they will fasten upon the concept that Sunday must be kept. Well folks, that is a pagan day, the Venerable Day of the Sun, it has nothing to do with Christ even though He rose on the first day of the week. We have two things that the Bible tells us to do to commemorate his death, burial and resurrection. One is baptism and the other is the Lord's Supper.

    Nowhere are we admonished to keep Sunday in Scripture. But that day will be set aside by worldly authorities, backed by the power of the state and all will be required to keep that day or be disenfranchised. After awhile, if we persist, and to refuse to keep that date, we will be put on a death list. A law will be passed, that on midnight of a certain day, all the faithful will be fair game. This law will say after a certain number of days, anybody that is found keeping the Sabbath can be shot, killed, whatever, just get rid of them. Ellen White says in The Great Controversy that even though there is a set time for this to take place, some of the wicked will anticipate the decree and try to kill the righteous ahead of time, because they will know that nobody is going to do anything to them for killing these trouble makers.

    Now these people will not accept the blood of Jesus as proof, which is God the Father's proof that His Son died for us. They will reject all of this evidence as they will reject His Law, and will not be freed from the penalty of transgression by which we are rescued only by the blood of Christ. Many so-called Christians claim the blood of Jesus covers for their sins, but then they keep on sinning. Paul asked the question, whether we should continue in sin that grace might much more abound. Then he said, "God forbid." In Hebrews 10:26 and onward, it says, "If we sin willfully after we come to a knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice." Those who will tell you to you give your heart to the Lord and then do whatever you want to with your bodies are deceivers. We cannot do that. We are to present our bodies a living sacrifice to the One who died on our behalf and has redeemed us.

    Folks, we are not given much to start with, but He can turn you into a son and daughter of God, who will perfectly reflect His character, and He will do that. So anyway those are the comments that I wanted to share with you, because these are the things that God wants shared with those who seek the things that He has brought out of hiding, that He has preserved for thousands of years, SO THAT HE CAN DO A SHOW AND TELL PRESENTATION OF THE TRUTH FOR THIS TIME.

    I had a phone call, from a lady and she said, "Ron, I hope you don't mind, but our group made 500 copies of your video and sent it to all of our missionaries."  I said "Madam? I don't mind, thank you so much for doing that."  Well God's word is rapidly spreading over this entire earth, it is nearly finished, but we haven't any idea how close that time is. Now is the time, when we can still go to the Father in the name and blood of the Son, ask for forgiveness and restoration to His likeness, and be accepted of Him, and have Him do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. If we put this off, the opportunity will be taken away, God does not play second fiddle. Bear that in mind as you go home.


    Your relationship with God is a personal matter. Yet I know that it strengthens our faith and encourages others if we make a public acknowledgment of the fact that we love and want to serve God. But I've not felt burdened to ask people to do that, because the things that I present are very emotional. If a person hears that the blood of Jesus went on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant when He died, and realizes that is God the Father's proof to us that His Son actually died for us, and doesn't get emotional, I don't have a lot of hope for them. But I don't like to ask people to make a public statement under emotional circumstances, I think it is something we need to do when we are in the cold clear light of day. So that it is not just an emotion decision. The bottom line is that this is between you and God.



Q. Did you touch the Ark yourself?
A. Okay, I have touched the Ark, Yes. Now that doesn't make me anything special. You can touch it, but I'm saying if we ask God to forgive us of any sin, the ones we know about and the ones we don't know about in the Name of Jesus, and then humbly go about doing something that He has impressed us to do, or if his angels tell us what to do, then we are safe.

Q. What about the 6 men who died. Were they Rabbi's?
A. Now about the six men. I don't know if they were Rabbi's or not. The Ark of the Covenant is 300' north of the old city wall of Jerusalem and is in occupied territory. As you know Yasser Arafat has every intention of getting Jerusalem back and this area. And the UN and the United States seem to be intent on forcing Israel to accept that situation.

    The Israelis wanted to move the Ark of the Covenant out of occupied territory, into their own territory. And they allowed or arranged for six men, dressed in Levitical garb to go in and move the Ark. I didn't ask to many questions, as I have learned that it is best not to get nosy. When I go over there, quite often I will stop by the Antiquities Office, and ask them if there is something I can help them with. Now we have some electronics and some experience using electronics, and so we are able to find things that they have problems locating. We are able to see if there is something in a cave, before we actually open it, with electronics. And so they have had me do some of this.

    On this occasion they just said, "yes we have a problem that you may be able to help us with." So that night I met them down at Zedekiah's Cave. Some of you know where that is if you have been there. And so we went in, and they said that six men went down this tunnel to move the Ark of the Covenant to a safer place and they didn't come out. Would you go see what happened to them. Well the Israelis are not cowards by any stretch of the imagination. Now the men that were in the tunnel had these walkie-talkies or radios, and I'm sure they were in contact with people that were at the opening to the tunnel. All I can figure is, that they must have made some horrifying noises as they died. Otherwise, some people would have gone in to see what happened to them. Nobody would go in. Well when I went in they were all six dead. From the beginning of the tunnel in Zedekiah's Cave to the chamber that the Ark of the Covenant is in, is 370'. They had progressed approximately 70' along the tunnel when they died. All of them died of stroke.

    Now to date there has been approximately 16 people who have died, because they have tried to interfere with or stop this work that God is allowing me to do. Most of them died in connection with the Ark of the Covenant in particular. They have all died of brain cancer or stroke. So anyway what I basically did when I saw what had happened, I went back out and told them. They had brought along these rescue baskets made of lightweight alloy, with ropes tied to them in case I was able to go in.

    So I took the baskets in one at a time. I would pick up a body and put it in a basket. I held it upright as the people at the end of the tunnel would pull the basket out. When we got one to the entrance to the tunnel, I would take another basket back in and load on another body, until we got all six of them out. I didn't ask what they did with them, I didn't ask anything and was asked not to say anything. But this appeared in a couple of papers that there had been six Israelis die in an effort to retrieve a national artifact. Because it was in the papers, some people asked me if I knew about it. I answered yes! And so we have shared that information.

This simply indicates that God is quite happy with the Ark of the Covenant where it is, and has not intention of letting anybody move it.

Q. Do you think it was necessary for a person to be a commandment keeper and keep Sabbath to be able to go in there?
A. I believe you're correct in that a commandment keeper was selected to find this. There are many other people who have looked for it, and are continuing to look for it. And of course they won't find it. Satan has raised up many stories, that the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia, in a cave chamber in Mount Nebo, Others think it is under the temple mount. Satan wants people to believe that it is anywhere else, but under where Christ died, and where His blood fell on the Mercy Seat.


    Now we share, we do these programs wherever we are invited [Since Ron's death, others are doing this. Several Websites on the internet are featuring Ron's findings]. All that people have to do is pay our travel expenses, provide a place to stay if it is an overnight thing, and take a love offering in case somebody wants to help. That is our requirements, we don't contact anybody. We simply ask God to help those who He wants to see and hear this material, contact us and make the arrangements. And once they do that, we ask the Lord to have everybody at the meeting that he wants to be there. We ask Him to help us to say what He wants said, and we ask Him to drive the evil angels out of the place and away from the people. And surround them by His holy angels, the Holy Spirit and the presence of Jesus, and open the door of salvation to everyone of them. And we know that He does that. If he did not, I would not be here. These are too important issues to play games with.

Q. You noted earlier Revelation 11:19, that the temple in heaven was opened, and in the temple was seen the Ark of the Covenant. How do you relate to God's temple in heaven, it seems that He has something up there rather than down here.
A. Let me spend a little more time on that. There are three heavens, atmospheric heaven the ones the birds fly in, the starry heavens that is where the sun, moon and stars and all of that are located, and then there is the third heaven, and that is where the Throne of God is. Paul said that he knew a man that was caught up to the third heaven. We by reading the Spirit of Prophecy, know that that man was Paul. In the Bible Revelation 14, I think verse 6, John said, "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."

    Where was that message given? You see all of these things were for the benefit of this planet and its inhabitants. The angel was flying in the midst of heaven, the gospel was for this earth. When the temple of God is open in heaven, it simply means that God reveals to the inhabitants of this earth what is going on in heaven. And then He says that the Ark of His Testament WAS SEEN.

    Once again, John was in the heavenly temple throne room of God, 31 times he said "I saw." All the different things, here he said was seen in His temple. God had a temple in the wilderness, Solomon built a temple where God dwelt. The Shekinah glory left Solomon's temple, that is recorded in 10th chapter of Ezekiel. But His earthly throne was moved into the cave chamber, which then became the Most Holy Place. And the earthly throne room or Temple of God. And it is that Temple, that the Ark of His Testament is in today, because His testament to the world, that His Son died for us is the blood of Jesus on the Mercy Seat of the earthly Throne.

    And so he says "WAS SEEN" in His Temple. Some of you, if you have your Bibles might want to read it. After that it says there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings and a great earthquake and great hail. Those are a description of the plagues. You can read that of course in The Great Controversy. As soon as the inhabitants of the world have seen this, then probation is closed and the plagues fall. Because after He has made them all aware of what He has done, there is nothing more that God can do for the inhabitants of the earth. The Father said: "What more could I have done, that I have not done." At least this is my understanding.

    I believe that God would not let me find these things and then hide what His intentions were. So when this is presented to the world, and you and I will all have an opportunity to share this with people. When the tables of stone are brought out and the video is shown, there will be people wanting to know what all this means. I won't be able to talk to them, but you will in your neighborhood. There will be plenty of copies, and you will be able to copy it off the TV when it is shown. But, I will have copies of all this in the hands of people that I can trust around the world, to be released at the proper time.

    It is no accident that we are here today. God is preparing a people to finish His last work and you are that people.

Q. Are you going to test again to make sure the substance was blood?
A. We tested it to make sure it was blood. It is unique blood. I will quickly state this, I know that there are some doctors here, and nurses, and people who are familiar with blood. All of us have 46 chromosomes, unless we have Downs Syndrome. Christ had 24. Each parent supplies 23 chromosomes to a new infant--all right, Christ got 23 from His mother, He got one from His Father, and it was a Y, which made Him a male. He got it not from an earthly Father, or He would have had 46 like the rest of us.

    When the test results will be shown, nobody will be able to honestly doubt, that this is indeed the blood of God's Son. That is why He says that this is His Testimony of His Son. It is His proof to this world. [It bears repeating that the blood analysis is the only hard scientific, tangible, physical evidence that Jesus actually was crucified, died and shed His blood as Scripture says. There is no greater proof that can be given.]
Q. What about the cells?
A. White blood cells. And you are saying how can you test a dead white blood cell for chromosome count? His blood is not dead. When put in a growth medium the cells divided and reconstituted themselves. If that doesn't blow your socks off, I don't know what will.

Q. Are you in possession of this blood?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you have this second video available now?
A. I will share it with people who I can trust, when I am told to by one of the four angels that are guarding the Ark of the Covenant, when to release it and to whom. Because I can't tell, people can fool me, I'm not that clever.

Q. Leviticus 17:11." For the life of the flesh is in the blood. And I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for yourselves, for it is the blood that maketh atonement of the soul."
A. What was that text, Leviticus 17:11. That makes it extremely clear folks. There are a lot of texts that have new meaning.

Q. Are you saying that you were able to take a video camera in there and video? Is that what I heard you saying?
A. Well, I didn't say that. But there is video available of all of this. And it will be shown when I'm told to do so. The Ark of the Covenant, my removing the Tables of Stone out of it, and the blood, and me taking the sample. About the analysis. I didn't do this. I took it to a place in Israel where they do this kind of thing. They thought I was crazy when I asked them to do a chromosome count. But after they saw the results, they went crazy.

Q. I have heard that you took the tables of stone out of the Ark?
A. No. This is something that has amazed me. I can talk to a whole audience and I think we have a perfect understanding of what I have said, and then somebody will misquote me. I never said that. I said that the angel told me to take the tables of stone out of the Ark of the Covenant, and the four of them took hold of the corners of the Mercy Seat and lifted it so that I could get to the tables of stone. I took them out, backed away while they set the Mercy Seat back down on the Ark. I just stood there wondering what to do. The angel came and took the tables and put them on a stone shelf in the chamber. And that is where they are at this point in time, that is also where the video is.

Q. Are they broken?
A. There are two tables of stone, with four sides-written on all four sides. Four angels stand guard. The one that talked to me said that they have guarded the Ark and its contents since Moses put them in there. Now if that requires them to be there every minute or not, I don't know. I would assume that one angel could take care of things and the others could be doing other things at the same time. I don't have the computer power to understand what angels can do and can't do.

Q. What language are the tables written in?
A. It is in proto-Aramaic, if that means anything to you. It is a script that all theologians can read easily. And it is written and doesn't have vowels or punctuation. Did you know that the Bible in one place talked about God's ten words? Each of the commandments are jammed together like one word. Again there is no punctuation or vowels.

Q. What prevents the Israelis from going into the site and taking out the Ark?
A. The six Israelis that died in the attempt to go in and move it! When it was decided to move it out of occupied territory into unquestioned Israelis territory, this seemed like a noble project. But as I said, the men that went in to move it died before they even got near the chamber. So as far as I know there hasn't been any more attempts.

Q. How did you say they were dressed?
A.  They were dressed in Levitical type clothing, as described in Exodus and Leviticus.

Q. What kind of stone were the tables written on?
A. The stone that the tables were written on. Well, I don't want there to be any confusion about these, because people will see them soon. And I'm not a geologist, and we have not tested the tables.

Q. People say that the original tables that Moses broke, were sapphire. Is that true?
A. I have no knowledge of whether they were or not, except that God told Moses, make another set of tables like unto the first. I would assume that if the first were sapphire that the second would have been, and they are not. Now the reason I don't describe the tables of stone is this. If something is described to us that we have never seen, our mind makes a comparison to something we have seen. And this is an automatic response. It is not something we do for meanness, or for goodness either one, it just happens. And then after a certain amount time has passed, we forget that this was a comparison. And so somebody someday will say that Ron Wyatt told me that the tables of stone looked like Aunt Martha's scrub board. Because that is what they compared my description to. And so for that reason I'm not describing anything more than I have here, because you'll get to see them. If you wouldn't get to see them, then I would have to try to draw it or do something so you could understand.

Q. Will we see the four angels.
A. Angels do appear in pictures and video.

Q. This is a most powerful witness to all of us on how soon he is coming.
A. Thank you very much for that comment.

Q. Are you going to be the one to bring out the tables and Ark?
A. There are some things I can't handle thinking about, this is one of them. There is no reason under the sun that I am aware of that God should allow me that honor, and nobody else. But to my knowledge, no one else has been there and seen them. There are people that go around the country and say that they went into the chamber with me, and saw all of this. Bless their hearts, I guess they think they are doing me a favor, but lying lips are an abomination to God. If people ask me if so and so went into the chamber with me, I have to say that I was unaware that anybody was there with me. That is the gentlest way I can answer the question.

Q. Did your sons help you dig the site out?
A. My sons helped until they both came down with pneumonia until the point that they had to go home. They were running temperatures of 103 and upwards. And I sent them home, because they were in poor health. I was running that temperature too, but I decided that I was going to die in the hole if I didn't find the Ark of the Covenant. You would have had to have been there to realize what a stressful situation that was.

Q. What do the letters on the tables of stone look like?
A. They are burned in. If you can picture a tray of butter, and someone with perfect handwriting writing in the butter, and then it turns to stone, the letters etched as with fire, melted into the stone. Then you can understand it.

Lets bow our heads, and say a prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you again for all you have done for us. We apologize for our poor faltering efforts to serve you, we ask that you will please forgive us and cleanse us and restore us to your likeness, fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Strengthen us, do whatever is necessary in our lives to make us useful, in this last message to this world. We ask that You will please not let anyone be lost that you can use us in any way to help them come to You and be saved. In Jesus Name and by His Blood we pray. Amen.


End of Ron's Presentation

The Four Angels that guard the Ark.


 The Ark of God

"So Christ, the great antitype, Himself both high priest and victim, clothed with his own spotless robes of righteousness, after giving His life for the world, CAST THE VIRTUE OF HIS OFFERING, A CRIMSON CURRENT, IN THE DIRECTION OF THE HOLY PLACE, reconciling man to God through the blood of the cross." Ms 101, 1897, pp11,12. ("The True High Priest." September, 1897.)


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