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Revealing God's Treasure DVD

2nd Edition

Revealing God's Treasure DVD click here
Above:  Our premiere DVD, 2nd edition, covering all five discoveries of Sodom & Gomorrah, Noah's Ark, the Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai in Arabia, and the Ark of the Covenant, plus talks given by Ron Wyatt.  3.5 hours of video on one disc, English narration.
Only $22.00 postage paid to USA.

Foreign Languages:

Other separate DVDs in our first edition format are available in other languages that can be ordered:

Portuguese: www.arkdiscovery.com/pt.htm

Spanish:  www.arkdiscovery.com/sp.htm   Playlist on YouTube:

Hindi:  www.arkdiscovery.com/in.htm

Korean:  www.arkdiscovery.com/kr.htm  Playlist on YouTube:

Mandarin:  www.arkdiscovery.com/cn.htm  Free YouKu videos linked here

African Orders:  www.arkdiscovery.com/africa.htm

German: www.arkdiscovery.com/de.htm

Dutch: www.arkdiscovery.com/nl.htm




Revealing God's Treasure Illustrated

152 pages, 8.5 x 11 with many full size illustrations.  Order here.
Mainly a photo book, but goes into detail about the ark of the covenant.
Our latest version has gloss paper and makes for a great demonstration of the discoveries, $29.00.




Save on this package deal
Our latest book, Revealing God's Treasure Illustrated, plus our 2nd Edition DVD Revealing God's Treasure,
Journey Back to Noah's Ark DVD,  Revelation DVD that Ron Wyatt would have endorsed,
and our Ark Discovery Digest, all for $69.00 saving $22.00, including shipping to USA.
  Foreign orders are $99.00, saving $29.00.




16 Hours of Video on Flash Drive

Enjoy watching 16 hours of discoveries video which includes our 2nd Edition Revealing
God's Treasure, Journey Back to Noah's Ark (720p), Ron Wyatt Presentations,
plus many other videos, all totaling 16 hours of video.  Convenient to play through
your USB port on your TV, Blu-ray player, Roku player, or other device.  This is a
quality USB drive with 3.0 capabilities, 16 gigs,  $69.00.



Silver Noah's Ark Coin

One ounce pure silver coin with Noah's ark scene with dove and mountain backdrop, $55.00.



Journey Back to Noah's Ark DVD

Covers return trips to Noah's ark since producing Revealing God's Treasure
and has nice clear video.  61 minutes in length.  $21.00 shipped to USA. 



8 Page Magazine for sharing

100 copies for $40.00.  Full color, 8.5 x 11, with gloss paper.
500 copies for $165.00.



Share our business card

300 cards for $11.99.  Sold at cost.  More info



Brimstone in Display Case
Above:  Sample of brimstone for your church, office or home.  A great
conversation piece.  Comes in a handsome display case.  Various sizes, $150.00.



Ron Wyatt Presentations DVD
Above:  DVD More Ron Wyatt Presentations, covering three presentations, over 3 hours of video, $21.00.



Above:  Revelation DVD which explains principle figures in Revelation and
what is going on in the church today.  Ron Wyatt would endorse this DVD.   A must-have, $19.00.









Donate to our on-going work on the discoveries.  We have further projects that we would like to accomplish, but we are needing funds.  Proceeds will go toward our expenses, not toward salaries, as we are volunteers in the work here.  We are a ministry with a mission of spreading the truth of God's word to the world.  Donations are not tax deductible.

Ark Discovery International
PO Box 746
Sparta, TN  38583  USA



Return Policy:

We do not accept returns, but we can replace an item
if it is defective.  NTSC DVD's are double layer and older DVD
players will have problems playing them.  Try a newer player.


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