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Frequently Asked Questions

What about the critics of Ron Wyatt and his findings?  Are their criticisms valid?

Let us take a look at the accusations from some critics.


 "The round formations in the water at Nuweiba are nothing but table coral, not chariot wheels."

Table coral is round and flat and much thinner than the chariot wheels.  It does not have a center hub with metal, like the chariot wheels at Nuweiba.  Table coral has noodle-like swirls throughout and comes in many different sizes, some huge, seven feet across, and some small, one foot across.  Do an image search on Google and see for yourself.


"The round wheel shapes at Nuweiba are thicker than the chariot wheels in King Tuts tomb."

The chariot wheels at Nuweiba must be thicker, since they have coral growing on them for 3500 years. 


"An archeologist went to Nuweiba and asked some locals there if they had seen the chariot wheels, but the locals had not."

So, since a native at Nuweiba had not seen them, that means they do not exist?  Is that a thorough search for chariot wheels?  If Ron Wyatt had gone to the site and found some locals who had seen them, and then made a proclamation that chariot wheels exist based upon what one person said, he would be attacked by the learned men for bad science.  So why does this critic, this archaeologist, have the right to participate in bad science and throw out that which God has preserved?  First, the chariot wheels are not everywhere.  Second, they are not right where the locals live.  Third, one has to know where to search to find them.  Fourth, one has to spend time out in the water, searching hard to find them.  The critics will not do this.  They will not search hard because they have a set agenda to attack.

This is what is REALLY going on today with the critics today....

What is going on in most cases is that archaeologists believe only someone with a degree in archaeology could find a major artifact.  And since Ron Wyatt claims to have found so many major discoveries, he must be mistaken, because he had no formal degree.   Friend, as Ron said, God partnered with him and laid these discoveries in his lap to show that they are not from man, but are from God, because one man could not have found all these discoveries.  The problem with the critics is that they cannot believe that miracles took place in Ron's work.  They are non-believers.  Should we believe these critics or should we look at the evidence for ourselves. 

Dr. John Morris, Ph.D., Institute for Creation Research, 

"The Boat Shaped Formation"

"...Two individuals . . . promote the site as the remains of Noah's Ark.  Neither have geologic or archaeologic training, and in their investigations both have used methods which are not reliable in gathering their data."

Dr. Morris is repeating the usual comment made by others that Ron Wyatt was not qualified to analyze the boat-shaped formation.  Mr. Wyatt is knowledgeable in many areas of archaeology, although he has not received formal training.  But friend, it does not take letters behind one's name to qualify them to look at the clear evidence that has been uncovered.  You and I can look at the data and come to our own conclusions without asking scientists what we should think.  There were zero scientists in Noah's day that believed in the Ark or rain, and there are very few today that believe in the ark.  It is Satan's design that none should learn of the discovery, as he has misled many people and has created false stories of locating the Ark elsewhere, in an effort to cause skepticism in the authentic.  

Mr. Wyatt used scientific methods of analyzing data which included among others:

  • Analysis of Metal Fittings - This proved high tech metal alloys were used in the man-made rivets used on the Ark (Ron's tests confirmed by our own visit to the ark and lab test results)

  • Testing for Organic Carbon - This showed petrified wood in the Ark

  • Testing for high-tech metals - man-made metal fittings showed unique metals

  • Subsurface Interface Radar - This showed a regular pattern of timbers inside the Ark.  Manufacturers of the radar stated on television that the images are from a man-made structure.  Ron video taped the output from this device and can be seen in his video on Noah's Ark.

  • Molecular Frequency Generator & Standard Metal Detector - Indicated metal in the ark at regular intervals.  We used our own metal detector at the site in 2000, and picked up readings in many locations.  The rivet shown on the overview web page produced a metal reading, along with other specimens.

"They have not allowed others to see their data, preferring instead to make statements about the data only."

Mr. Wyatt published his data in video and printed form.  He has shown his specimens from the ark to those who have asked.  No one was denied access to the artifacts from the ark.  Mr. Wyatt's phone number was listed in Nashville which allowed anyone to call him, ask him questions, or go by his duplex if they wished.  Nothing was hidden from anyone who sincerely wished to inspect the specimens and review the results obtained from scientific testing.

"The rock formation has a rather streamlined shape...due to the dynamics of the slowly flowing material [around it]."

The flow around the ark could not have formed it to its current shape.  In order for the formation to have been carved-out from anything flowing around it, the pointed end of the formation would have to be downhill, but in this case, it is NOT!  The pointed front or bow of the ark is uphill, and the stern or rear is rounded.  Also, the vertical rib timbers along the sides prove this theory wrong.

Prior to 1978, the earth around the ark was up near the top sides of the ark.  When the earthquake dropped the earth around the ark in an answer to prayer, it revealed more of the ark and its unique features, complete with the vertical timbers along the sides and a consistent vertical plane extending from the top of the sides and downward.  Thus, a water or lava flow did not shape the ark.  The newly unveiled rib timbers on the sides are proof that the boat is not an erosion formation.  Its shape comes from a design preserved and presented by God for those who live today.     

Also the shape of the ark appears to be man-made with a pointed front, rounded stern, and similar length to width ratio of ocean-going ships today. The ark has a width of 138 feet, instead of the biblical dimension of 87.5 feet because the starboard side has splayed outward due to a rock outcropping which impaled the ark after it slid downhill in a lava flow.  This created an inward impression on the side walls of the Ark at the point of entry, and a massive counterclockwise prying action on the rock outcropping forced the starboard side outward. You can see this effect in the photo above along the upper portion of the outline of the ark.

"There is nothing present which must be attributed to human construction."

It is unfortunate that critics refuse to acknowledge any of the evidence that Mr. Wyatt uncovered.  By this statement they are ignoring all the evidence uncovered to this point:  

  • A symmetrical man-made boat-shaped structure

  • 516 feet long or 300 Royal Egyptian Cubits (20.6 inches) -- matching the biblical account

  • A pointed bow and rounded stern, just like sea-going ships today

  • Vertical rib timbers on the side of the ark, common in ship building

  • Three layered wooden deck timber unearthed before Turkish officials and recorded on film

  •  High-tech metal alloys used in forming the rivets used on the ark include  titanium, magnesium, aluminum and other metals, some of which are not found in nature, "Because of it chemical activity, aluminum never occurs in the metallic form in nature"  Britannica.  The combination of these three metals is evidence of a man-made high tech alloy.  

  • The regular pattern of timbers inside the Ark show a man-made structure, as they are at regular intervals and each within inches of others at the same depth.

  • Horizontal and vertical deck support timbers on the inside edges of the ark

Dr. Morris labels the ballast found in the bottom of the ark "manganese nodules."

This cannot be true because the ballast material does not contain elements which are found in manganese nodules which "are spherical concretions on the seafloor containing about 20 percent manganese, 10 percent iron, 0.3 percent copper, 0.3 percent nickel, and 0.3 percent cobalt" Encarta Encyclopedia.  The ballast in the hull of the ark contains 80 percent manganese (not 20 percent), 1 percent titanium metal, 5 percent aluminum metal, 0 copper, 0 nickel, 0 cobalt. Manganese nodules are only about two inches in diameter, which is much smaller than samples of ballast found at the ark.    

"Advocates of the site claim to have found linear bands of metallic material representing 'beams' in the Ark.  These were discovered using a technique commonly known as 'dowsing.'"

Mr. Wyatt and David Fasold used a device known as a Molecular Frequency Generator/Discriminator, which sells for $4,595.00.  Mr. Wyatt's unit cost $6,500.00.  The instrument can be set to focus on a certain type of metal and be aimed in any direction using a focusing tool made of two wires which cross over when that particular metal is located.  It is an electronic device.   NO "dowsing" device was ever used on the ark.  Friend, if the device does not work, it would not be on the market after all these years, and selling for such a large price.  See this web site which sells the instrument www.treasuremall.com/vectrtrk/pdf1000.htm   Also, check out this review of a similar device published by a treasure magazine.   

"Dr. Baumgardner has conducted the most careful scientific study to date.  Using subsurface radar, little was learned."

Dr. Baumgardner was not with Ron Wyatt when he extensively covered the ark using radar.  Mr. Wyatt's readings produced an abundance of data since the equipment at that time was set properly, plus the testing was caught on video tape revealing regular intervals of large timbers within the formation.  There are many conditions which could hamper a proper reading.  A license is required in order to operate the instrument properly, as it is very complicated, which means it could be set many different ways and end up with as many results.

Anchor stones "are found many miles from the Durupinar site and there is no reason to think they are related at all."

Most of the anchor stones, about ten, are located in the village of Kazan, meaning the "place of eight."  This is the village in which Noah probably settled after the Flood.  Apparently, Noah made the decision to cut off the anchor stones in this area, prior to the ark coming to rest 15 miles away.  It makes sense that Noah would settle near these objects.  Of special interest is the fact that two additional anchor stones were found within 1/2 mile of the ark on the mountain, linking them to the others in the village. 

"...Misrepresentation, deception and secrecy rule."

One again we have a broad, undocumented, negative statement that is not based upon fact.  Mr. Wyatt and his work were always forthright in nature, absent of any type of deception or secrecy.  Anyone who is sincere and wishes to look at the evidence has been given complete access to data and artifacts.

"Unfortunately, these two individuals have convinced some Turkish officials to promote this site as the Ark . . . . someone would try to pass off a rock as Noah's Ark . . . the sign had been removed, the visitor's center was not operating, and sheep were grazing on the 'Ark,' as they used to do before all the excitement."

Friends, are Turkish officials including Dr. Salih Bayraktutan, a Geologist with Ataturk University -- a current and past advocate of the site, so blind that they would think a rock is Noah's Ark?  Their conclusions are based upon the evidence uncovered. 

Bill Fry of the Anchor Stone web site had several meetings with Dr. Bayraktutan in October 2000, and corresponds with him on a regular basis.  Dr Bayraktutan is an avid supporter of Ron's site being the remains of Noah's Ark and is currently seeking ways to do further research on the site.  The ark is a National Treasure, and National Park in Turkey.  I believe this should give it some credibility.

It is unfortunate that critics are set on attacking the genuine site of Noah's Ark, the artifacts uncovered, and those who have spent endless hours and dollars researching it.  The road sign along the highway pointing to the "Boat of Noah" has been located there for several years and is still there today.  You can see it on our home page. The visitors' center is operating.  Sheep from the nearby village may be found occasionally on the ark grazing since there is not a fence around the site.  Does this mean it is not the ark?

"The consensus is that the remains were seen on the huge mountain known today as Greater Mt. Ararat, and known throughout history as the traditional resting place of the Ark."

Should we be defending a location for the ark that didn't even exist when the Flood waters receded from  the earth?  Ararat is a post-Flood volcanic mountain. The water level on the earth only reached the 7,000' level during the Flood, and yet, the upper portions of 15,000' Mt. Ararat are being searched.   The entire surface has been photographed, revealing an absence of the ark.  The Bible does not say this is the precise location for the ark, as it says it came to rest "in the mountains [plural] of Ararat [an ancient country]."   Are we going to listen a local resident who may have claimed to have seen the Ark on the mountain, who would be asking for money in return for his false lead?  Are we going to listen to false stories and false tradition, while ignoring the REAL Ark and its undeniable evidence?  



Answers in Genesis

Andrew A. Snelling, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D. (Geology)

"With this brief background we now evaluate the evidence claim by claim and respond.  Unfortunately, not one of these seemingly convincing claims stands up."

We will take a look at the criticisms, claim by claim and respond.

"Metal detector...'hot spots' were indeed found, but these were randomly distributed...Such a description perfectly fits the numerous basalt . . . boulders found in . . . the mud."

Dr. Snelling cannot deny that metal fittings in the ark and basalt could be generating the metal 'hot spot' readings.  When we were on the ark, we received positive metal readings at the locations where we could see the rivets on the outside of the ark.  

"A molecular frequency generator consists of a pair of brass welding rods bent at 90-near one end . . . connected by wires to a set of batteries which are carried in the operator's pocket . . . there are no scientific principles employed."

Please visit the web site below and take a look at this device called a Molecular Frequency Generator/Discriminator which sells for $4,595.00.  Mr. Wyatt's cost $6,500.00.  If it did not work it would not sell for such a large price and would not be on the market today.  The device is based upon scientific principles.  This web site sells a similar model to Mr. Wyatt's: www.treasuremall.com/vectrtrk/pdf1000.htm  You may  read a review written on the device.

Snelling implies Wyatt and Fasold only surveyed the south portion of the Ark with their ground penetrating radar, based upon one 30 minute test performed in 1986.

Snelling is implying that Wyatt and Fasold only spent 30 minutes during one visit to the site and have not spent any more time producing scans, and yet they have shown to others a full scan of the Ark, thus lying about their work.  Friend, Wyatt and Fasold have spent many DAYS working on the site on NUMEROUS occasions, different years, not just one 30 minute visit.  As we have stated before, some of these scans were video taped while they were occurring and have shown a regular pattern of timbers below the surface.

Tom Fenner used his radar device at the site and wrote, "In an attempt to characterize any shallow subsurface features in the boat-shaped formation at the site . . . . I was never convinced the site was the remains of Noah's Ark."

Here Fenner admits he had his instrument set for a shallow depth, instead of a deeper depth that was necessary to "see" the timbers.  He did not receive the same readings as Wyatt and Fasold, because his instrument was set differently from Wyatt's.  Also, Wyatt has not been saying Fenner endorses the site.  Joe Rosetta, Tom Fenner's supervisor at GSSI which makes the Subsurface Interface Radar, stated on television, "This data is not, does not represent natural geology - it's a man-made structure.  These reflections are occurring very periodic, too periodic to be random natural-type interfaces."  Fenner is shown on video commenting on a scan by Wyatt and how it is indicating a regular pattern of objects that are all at the same depth, and he is shown on a 20/20 segment saying he wished to scan the ark.

"These [outer] walls [of the ark] are simply hardened mud . . . . they are merely the hardened mud left behind between these erosion gullies."

In numerous locations, there are vertical rib timbers along the outside of the ark which are clearly visible.  Snelling terms the rib timbers "mud," without performing any scientific examinations on the structure.  He accuses Wyatt and others of not performing scientific tests when he, himself, is guilty of his own accusations.  We have found metal rivets on the side of the ark, matching the outer plane of the vertical timbers, providing further evidence of the existence of the timbers.

Also, erosion could not have formed the vertical ribs on the outside walls of the ark for two reasons.  First, water flowing down the mountain would create a horizontal inscription on the ark, not vertical.  Second, it was not until 1978, when God sent an earthquake to drop the earth from around the sides of the ark, that any erosion could have started to take effect.  But most importantly, when the earthquake took place, the sides of the ark were revealed and exposed for the first time ever, showing the vertical timbers in their natural, man-made state. Erosion had NOT formed them.

"Wyatt continues to show untrained people samples of what he claims is petrified wood from the site. . . . His prize sample, reportedly dug up in the presence of the Governor of the Turkish province of Agri, is not only claimed to be petrified wood, but alleged to be 'laminated' and 'deck timber.'. . . the laboratory assay certificate shows that they only analysed for three elements - calcium, iron and carbon - no basis at all for calling the sample petrified wood."

It is unfortunate that critics do not give all the facts here.  When the deck timber was analyzed, it was tested for total carbon AND inorganic carbon.  This has been clearly stated and the test results shown in Wyatt's Noah's Ark video filmed at Galbraith Labs.  In 2000, when speaking to Galbraith Labs they suggested to us to use this same analysis when testing for petrified wood -- total carbon less inorganic carbon.  When inorganic carbon is subtracted from total carbon you are left with organic carbon and can tell from the percentage whether the sample was once living matter or not.  This test proved the deck timber is .70 percent organic carbon.  The deck timber was also analyzed by Teledyne-Allvac labs with their electron microscope in 1992, with the entire process captured on video.  The timber was first found on ground penetrating radar, and the Turkish officials told Wyatt to dig it up.  Wyatt has photos of the group on the Ark unearthing the beautiful sample.  The specimen was also shown on Turkish television.  When we visited the site, it is true that the Ark is in poor condition, but this is to be expected from a wooden structure 4,300 years old!  Most of the wood that was once petrified has since suffered frost wedging and is in the process of breaking apart in very small pieces, but some samples of petrified wood can be found.  

 "Photographs of the object [rivet] show only an impression that vaguely has the shape of a rivet head. . . . but there is no evidence of any embedded metallic object. . . . [test] results [are] consistent with the chemical composition of the major local rock type, basalt."

  • First, Mr. Snelling says the rivet was found fifty yards away from the ark, when in fact it was found on the ark in front of 25 witnesses who each signed a statement testifying where it was found.  

  • Second, the rivet does not have a "vague" appearance, instead it has a definite shape of a man-made round washer with a center shaft, the end of which was struck and flared out to secure the washer in place.  

  • Third, analyses performed by Galbraith Labs, showed the rivet to contain 8.6 percent aluminum metal, 1.9 percent titanium metal, 10.38 percent iron, and .21 percent manganese.  It is unfortunate that Snelling knows aluminum metal is a man-made substance, and yet he refuses to acknowledge the man-made qualities of the rivet.

  • Fourth, basalt does not contain aluminum or titanium metals, so the rivet cannot be basalt. Basalt is "rock that is low in silica content, dark in colour, and comparatively rich in iron and magnesium" Britannica.   

"Because of its chemical activity, aluminum never occurs in the metallic form in nature....The metal and its alloys are used extensively for aircraft construction, building materials, consumer durables...Aluminum is nevertheless highly corrosion-resistant because in air a hard, tough oxide film forms on its surface"  Britannica.

"Titanium is a lightweight, high-strength, low-corrosion structural metal and is used in alloy form for parts in high-speed aircraft....Titanium is important as an alloying agent with most metals and some nonmetals...No noticeable corrosion of the metal occurs despite exposure to seawater for more than three years.  Its combination of high strength, low density, and excellent corrosion-resistance make it useful for many parts of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and ships"  Britannica.   Ships?  Interesting . . . .   

Also, the partial rivet we retrieved from the side of the ark in 2000, matched the test results Wyatt achieved in his analyses.  Wyatt also tested his rivet for carbon, and an area 1 cm. away from it.  It showed .14 percent carbon in the rivet and 1.9 percent for the material (petrified wood) just outside of it.  This means the wood around the rivet showed 15 times the amount of carbon as the metal.  Also, basalt does not contain carbon as the rivet does.  There are numerous rivets on the ark in various conditions.  Snelling refuses to acknowledge the obvious man-made shape of the rivet and totally discounts these excellent specimens that prove the formation IS Noah's Ark!   

"Dr. Bayraktutan, a leading member of one of these Turkish investigation teams . . . is at pains to dissociate himself from almost all of Wyatt's claims about the site...."

Dr. Salih Bayraktutan, head of Geology at Ataturk University, Erzurum, is an avid supporter of the site being the actual remains of Noah's Ark, even today after numerous men have attacked the site and those who support it.  He is on the Noah's Ark Commission and believes this site is the ark.  "'It is a man-made structure, for sure, it is Noah's Ark' Bayrakutan said at the time of the discovery."  www.popularmechanics.com/popmech/sci/9612strsam.html 

Bill Fry is the host of www.anchorstone.com, and has had numerous contacts with Dr. Bayraktutan in October 2000, and more recently he has corresponded with him.  He is an avid supporter of the site being the remains of Noah's Ark and has even suffered "politically" within the scholarly system for which he works because of this belief.  The majority of the university system that he is a part of, is very secular and they don't appreciate people dwelling on these things.

Snelling calls the ballast which came from the bottom of the Ark "manganese nodules."

Manganese nodules found on the ocean floor, contain only 20 percent manganese, while the ballast is 84 percent.   Also, the ballast does not contain any copper, nickel or cobalt which manganese nodules contain.  The size of manganese nodules is much smaller than the ballast found.  Snelling then says no conclusions can be formed until a thin sectioning is performed under an electron microscope.  That test HAS been done by John Baumgardner with the written comments, "Tailings of aluminum alloyed production. [signed] John Baumgardner."   We have found some of this same ballast material, and will have our own tests performed.  One specimen is on our "overview" page.

Snelling mentions the fossilized animal dung, animal hair, and antler "have all only been found in the mud in the walls - not from deep within the formation...."

Unfortunately the facts are not properly stated and the reader is misled.  Mr. Wyatt performed a five foot deep core drill  into the western, starboard side of the ark, penetrating a chamber at that spot.  He then used a long rake device to pull out these loose specimens for analysis:  animal dung, the base of an antler, human hair, cat hair, and man-made fiber.  They were not found on the outside of the ark, so animals in the area could NOT have deposited the specimens.  Evidence of Wyatt's core drill is still visible today when you visit the site.

Regarding the large anchor stones:  "One would think that the considerable distance of these claimed anchor stones from the boat shape itself must diminish somewhat their significance...they were not mentioned in the scriptures...no mention of any kind of steering mechanism given in God's instructions....the holes were carved too near the edges of the rocks.  Because of their sheer weight the rock around the holes would have too easily broken off....no sign of any wear of the rock surface around the top side of these holes...."  He theorizes they may be tombstones or "pre-Christian Armenian stelae."

Snelling admitted that one was found several hundred yards from the Ark, and yet he cannot relate the others found 15 miles away in the Village of Kazan, to the ark.  The anchor stones are found in a village known as Kazan or "The Place of Eight," linking the stones to the Flood story.  Snelling implies that they must be mentioned in the scriptures in order to be associated with the Ark.  Was every part of the ark mentioned in the Bible?  No.  Only very general descriptions are given in the scriptures as we all know.  Does God have to mention the anchor stones in the Bible in order for them to have existed?  

Also, the holes in the top of the anchor stones are located near the edge, because the stones were to be lifted while submerged in water!!  Snelling fails to notify the reader of this fact.   The position of the holes are further proof the stones are associated with water and the ark!  Of course there would not be signs of wear around the sides of the holes, because the ropes which held them were probably tied in knots, preventing any slippage or cutting. One side of the anchor stone hole is drilled larger, allowing the knot to be secured in the cavity.  Also, it would take years and many sets of rope to create wear on a stone.  

The anchor stones cannot be tombstones or stelae, because some are almost totally buried and do not contain any carvings, but DO have a hole in one end for use in hanging from the ark. Also, they are not Armenian cult symbols such as the Eye of the Dragon, as there is no evidence of any Armenian inscriptions on them, and no previous defacement is evident where crosses replaced Armenian inscriptions. Stones of this type have not been found by the Turks in any other location.  

 "Wyatt...produced a single newspaper clipping from his home town proving the discovery of the Ark...."

Snelling fails to tell the reader that the largest newspaper in Turkey announced the discovery of Noah's Ark  saying among other things, "Noah's Boat Opened to Tourism...a national park...Ronald Eldon Wyatt and his colleagues...Turkish colleagues completed their investigations...Governor Sevket Ekinci said: '...It is assured that the Noah's Ark, mentioned in the Koran and the Bible, is located here." 1987 Hurriyet.  Turkish tourism literature declares the site Noah's Ark.  We have seen the Ark on Turkish maps, one of which we feature on this web site.  

In addition to being a National Park, Noah's Ark has been upgraded to the level of a National Treasure.

"Governor of Agri...officially declare[d] a National Park...the site contains the remains of Noah's Ark...  had the visitors' center built...road sign erected...vetoed efforts to undertake a dig into the site...."

Snelling called the Governor of Agri a "friend" of Wyatt in order to explain why the site is now a National Park.  If the governor is a friend, it is only because Wyatt had shown himself to be trustworthy, and produced evidence which proved the site to be Noah's Ark.  Snelling is using evidence that proves the site to be Noah's Ark, as evidence AGAINST IT!   Those who are in charge of the ark are waiting until a complete roof structure can be built over the Ark to protect it, then they will approve an archaeological dig.  They are wanting to protect it from the weather and local residents who will walk off with specimens of the ark to sell.

"There is no eight-lane highway to the site or close to it."

The Turks told Wyatt they were going to build an airstrip in the valley below the Ark for tourists to fly into the area.  They wanted Wyatt to call it an eight lane highway so the Iranians, a few miles away, would not become agitated with its close proximity.  With terrorists in the area and critics abroad in the past ten years, there have been few tourists in the area to justify building an airstrip nearby.

"Like all true Bible-believing Christians, they [John Morris, ICR] would be ecstatic at the Ark's discovery, no matter by whom, nor where on the 'mountains of Ararat.'"

We are elated to hear that John will be supporting the ark discovery soon? :)

"Greater Mount Ararat itself has been the focus of Dr. Morris's [sic] search purely because the consensus among historical eye-witness reports of those who claim to have seen the Ark is that the remains were seen on that mountain, even though none of them is able to pinpoint the exact location."

Are we going to listen to those who have "seen" the Ark on Mt. Ararat, but just can't seem to point out the location when asked?  It is clear there is not such ark on Mt. Ararat, friend.  As we stated earlier, Mt. Ararat is a post-Flood volcanic mountain.

"My/CSF's interest in these claims about the Durupinar/Akyayla site has only ever been in order to establish their truth or otherwise.  After all, false claims made by professing Christians are shameful to the name of Christ.  Surely the public claims made by Christians about this site should be able to stand up to rigorous scientific investigation?...When all the so-called evidence is put under rigorous scientific scrutiny it fails utterly."

Friend, I will let you judge for yourself as to who has been telling the truth, who has been misleading the public.  Someone has been misrepresenting the facts in this study. Ron Wyatt has never misrepresented any evidence or lied about anything.  He was the most humble and Godly man I ever met, and many people who knew him will tell you the same.  Objective inspections of the ark and subsequent analyses performed agree with statements he has made.  Also, true scientific tests have NOT been performed to disprove the site, they have only concurred with the discovery.  I agree with Snelling in one point, "False claims made by professing Christians are shameful to the name of Christ."

"Ron Wyatt invariably has an 'explanation' of why he can't direct others to see all this hard evidence for themselves at these sites [crucifixion, Ark of Covenant, Mt. Sinai, Red Sea crossing, Sodom & Gomorrah, etc.].  His occasional seemingly convincing 'documentation' (including video tape) repeatedly withers under independent scrutiny...."

No scrutiny has disproved any of those sites, friend.  There have been numerous independent inspections of all the sites, including the coral encrusted chariot parts at the Red Sea crossing site; individuals have testified and are seen on video assisting Wyatt for weeks digging for the Ark of the Covenant in the Garden Tomb area; the biblical account and the evidence seen by many people clearly show the correct Mt. Sinai to be in Saudi Arabia; Sodom & Gomorrah contain brimstone, ash, man-made structures, that are easily inspected by anyone, and are exactly as Wyatt claims. 

Satan triumphs when broad, baseless allegations are leveled against the work of the Lord. 


Letter From Harold G. Coffin to David Merling

"I recently read Ron Wyatt's book, Discovered: Noah's Ark, and was appalled.  It is one of the most disgusting books I have read...Even the uninformed person should be suspicious when one individual claims to have found so many important artifacts that others have never found after years of diligent search."

Friend, are we going to place limits on what God can do?  These discoveries that Ron Wyatt has worked on are all from the leadings of God.  Ron Wyatt admits he could not have found ONE of these discoveries on his own wisdom.  He gave all the credit to God, and said God looked for one person to use in these discoveries to show they are from Him, not man.  Mr. Wyatt has said numerous times that God chose him because he was not super intelligent and could not have located the discoveries through his own devising. We all know though, that Mr. Wyatt was intelligent and humble at the same time. 

Mr. Wyatt claims the wood used on Noah's Ark lacks growth rings.  

Cross sectioning of the petrified wood from the Ark has shown a lack of growth rings.  Mr. Wyatt has concluded that the trees before the flood did not incur a cessation of moisture since they were watered from underground, leading to constant growth and no growth rings.  Growth rings come about when a tree encounters a dry season and stops growing.  Later, it resumes its growth.  I am in possession of a section of a deciduous or conifer petrified tree which has the bark on the outside and no growth rings in the middle.  Harold Coffin sites his work on petrified trees in the western U.S. which reveal growth rings.  Those specimens must have been formed by a post-Flood petrifying process.


Why hasn't Noah's ark been on the evening news?

Satan is attempting to cover-up these discoveries, but in God's time the world will learn of them.  Those who operate the news outlets are not faithful followers of God and cannot be expected to lead us to heavenly objects.  Notice that for the most part, only the fraudulent "discoveries" have been aired, much to the delight of the arch deceiver.  When the genuine is found, there is automatic doubt as to the authenticity of the discovery, thus skepticism abounds.

How can the Ark be authentic since Scientists generally don't believe in it?

Friend, how many scientists believed in the ark before the Flood?  The antediluvians listened to men of learning and the forces of darkness and found themselves outside the ark of safety.  The scientists of Noah's day had been mocking Noah and the ark.  All the while they were mocking God and His judgments.  We cannot listen to men, but should look at the evidence and make our own decisions.  In Revelation it states that the whole world wondered after the beast.  We must realize that the number of people saved will be very small compared to the population of the world.  This means the vast majority will mock evidences of God's judgments, and only a small remnant will be saved among the living.

There are several boat shaped formations in the area.  Isn't the Durupinar site just one of many similar formations?

Some say there are many formations in the area and this is like all the others.  Dr. John Baumgardner from Los Alamos, said on the 700 Club that he checked out the other formations in the area and they do not have the unique features like this site, which contains high-tech metal alloys and is the exact length as stated in the Bible.

Shouldn't the Ark have been found on Mt. Ararat instead?

Some say the ark should be found on Mt. Ararat.  The Bible said the ark came to rest in the "mountains of Ararat."  Ararat is the name of an ancient country called Urartu that covered Eastern Turkey and portions of neighboring countries.  The ark was to come to rest in the mountains of this country.  Mt. Ararat is a post-Flood volcanic mountain, which would be the last place one should search for the ark.

"I don't need these discoveries.  What good are they?"

Friend, we may not need them, but the vast majority of the world has not grown up in a Christian, Bible believing environment.  Most of the world have been raised by their families under belief systems which are contrary to God's.  Before God judges mankind according to their obedience to His Law, a visual show-and-tell testimony of Bible truth will be presented to the world.   Those who reject Him will be part of the vast multitude that will receive the mark of the beast and be forever lost.


Friend, when are the critics going to look at the facts, put aside their pride, and fairly evaluate the evidence uncovered so far at the REAL ark?  Some have searched for the Ark on Mt. Ararat while having received hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors to do so.  The criticisms we have looked at here are baseless and demonstrate a form of desperation by those who feel threatened for some reason.  The facts have been grossly misstated for some reason.  I know it must be humbling to admit someone else, without letters after their name, basically without outside funding, found the Ark on another mountain and without the expertise of learned men in the archaeology community.  Ron Wyatt gave all the credit to GOD for locating the Ark.  When he went out there in 1977, he had completed his homework by interviewing those who had been to the site in 1960, but he still didn't know where the Ark was actually located.  He and his two boys prayed before they started searching, and asked God to stall their taxi at the places where they should begin looking.  Three times it stalled, much to the surprise of their driver.  In each place they walked out from that spot and found something relating to the ark, including the ark itself, the anchor stones, and Noah's home.  

Friends, when we don't tell the truth about the evidence, we are misleading those searching for the truth and are on dangerous ground!  Our eternal destiny is at stake when we do such things.  Please be careful not to repeat lies or ignorant statements told by those who are attacking God's work, the evidence He is providing for mankind.  God has preserved these discoveries for those who live at the end of this world that have not had access to the truth.  The majority of the world have grown up in false religious belief systems.  God is preparing to reveal His REAL truth to mankind, including the truth of His Son.  When Christ returns to this world, all of mankind will have to follow Him and His Law, and confess their sins in His name in order to be saved.



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