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June 2016



We continue to document and share the exciting discoveries we feature on our website ArkDiscovery.com.


An opening into Saudi Arabia has been made available where I will be able to visit the real Mt. Sinai, Jebel el Lawz, the split rock, the beach at the crossing site, etc.  In order to make this trip a reality we are in need of funding.  If you feel inspired to help with this project please go to www.arkdiscovery.com and scroll down a few inches to the Donate button.  


Along this same topic, PatternsOfEvidence.com continues to work on their second part of a series of films on the exodus from Egypt.  They have already filmed at the Red Sea crossing site that we promote on our website and the real Mt. Sinai over in Saudi Arabia.  The professional work they produced in part one of their series lets us know this next film will be incredible in proving the Bible as the true word of God. 


In 2014, just after we left the Noah’s Ark site in Turkey, John Larsen arrived to conduct high resolution resistivity scans of the ark.   Randall Lee helped him with the cables and the hauling of equipment.   It was a very laborious process over a two week period of running an electrical line over 500 ft. along the length of the ark and driving stakes in the ground every four feet that sent signals back to the base unit.   After obtaining all this data, he then had to render the images one by one on his computer, taking many days to render one image.  Just this month he released some the images which can be seen on his website www.noahsarkscans.nz   Scroll down about 40% of the page then you will see the images.   From what he found, the new scans confirmed the analog scans that Ron Wyatt and David Fasold conducted in 1985, such as the door and ramp near the front of the ark, the rib timbers, etc.


Another project I am planning is returning  to Noah’s ark for more filming and exploration in the next few months.  If you would like to help with the funding of this trip please donate on our home page.  Every donation is appreciated.


We failed to mention this in a previous update, but it is with sadness that we report that Ronny Wyatt, son of Ronald Eldon Wyatt or Ron Wyatt, passed away July 31, 2015, from a lengthy illness.    I was able to visit Ronny in the hospital and those of us who were there had a round of prayer for him.   Ronny and Danny were with Ron when Noah’s ark was rediscovered in 1977, then in 1978, finding the Red Sea crossing, and helping with the ark of the covenant excavation.  Previously Ronny and his brother kindly sat down for an interview that we will share in upcoming film projects.


I will be visiting the Ark Encounter in Kentucky the day it opens on July 7.  It is a near life-size replica of the ark at 510 feet.   They failed to use the Royal Egyptian Cubit when designing the structure, which would have brought the ark to 515 feet.    They were able to raise the 33 million dollars to build the ark and will construct an entire entertainment park around it.  Though this ark is interesting, this group has repeatedly attacked the real ark which is a million times more important than a modern replica.  Very sad. 


We have even greater exciting news that we cannot comment on at this time, but we will in a future update. 


Things are happening with the discoveries.


 God bless,   


 Kevin Fisher


Pres., Ark Discovery International, Inc.






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